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 Teorema Teorema by GIULIANO CENSINI
 Luna rossa Luna rossa by Giuliano Censini
 Composizione in rosso Composizione in rosso by GIULIANO CENSINI
 Sinfonia n. 3 Sinfonia n. 3 by GIULIANO CENSINI
 I riflessi del vento I riflessi del vento by GIULIANO CENSINI
 Totem della materia Totem della materia by GIULIANO CENSINI
 Compartments I Compartments I by Kurt Morrison
Compartments II Compartments II by Kurt Morrison
 Diversified I Diversified I by KURT MORRISON
Diversified II Diversified II by Kurt Morrison
 On the Edge I On the Edge I by MAX HANSEN
 On the Edge II On the Edge II by MAX HANSEN
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