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Banana Banana anonymous
Marques Vinos y Congac Marques Vinos y Congac anonymous
Mucha Nouveau Flirt Biscuits Mucha Nouveau Flirt Biscuits by Alphonse Mucha
Absinthe Vichet Wine Absinthe Vichet Wine anonymous
Kina Lilas Wine Kina Lilas Wine by H. Perran
Vermouth Blanc Comoz de Chambery Vermouth Blanc Comoz de Chambery anonymous
Olio Radino Olio Radino by Gino Boccasile
Anisetta Evangelisti Anisetta Evangelisti anonymous
Bitter Campari Bitter Campari by Marcello Dudovich
Italain Dicitura Birra Beer Italain Dicitura Birra Beer anonymous
Sassolino Sassolino Unknown
Cognac Sorin Cognac Sorin by J. Spring
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