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Floral Abstract

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 Orange Orchid Orange Orchid by JILL DEVERAUX
 White Orchid White Orchid by JILL DEVERAUX
Lotus Lotus by JILL DEVERAUX
Purple Iris Purple Iris by John Seba
 Purple Gladiola Purple Gladiola by JOHN SEBA
 Gladiola Gladiola by JOHN SEBA
Callas Callas by JOHN SEBA
 Red Lilies Red Lilies by JOHN SEBA
 Three Tulips Three Tulips by John Seba
 Red Camellias I Red Camellias I by JOHN SEBA
 Hibiscus I Hibiscus I by JOHN SEBA
 Hibiscus II Hibiscus II by JOHN SEBA
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