Southern California Paintings

by John Comer
Palos Verdes Cove
Enlarge Palos Verdes Coveby John Comer SKU: (Palos-Verdes-Cove)

Palos Verdes Cove

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Artist: John Comer

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This is a beautiful reproduction of a work by California landscape / seascape artist, John Comer. It is entitled "Palos Verdes Cove". This very large print measures approx. 45 x 30 inches and is new and in perfect condition. "Landscape painting for me is about light on the land and water. The shadows reveal the forms and the forms are a record of the folding of mountains, the cutting of water, and the geological layers of time. The paining is the record of the experience of the painter and the land, weather, and particular time. 'Where it is. What it is.'" -- John Comer See Palos Verdes Cove enlarged or framed.

SKU: (Palos-Verdes-Cove)

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