by Henry George Gawthorn
Salturn-by-the-Sea LNER poster 1923-1929.
Salturn-by-the-Sea LNER poster Henry George Gawthorn SKU: (0001-3160)

Salturn-by-the-Sea LNER poster 1923-1929.

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Artist: Henry George Gawthorn

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Poster produced for the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) to promote train services to Saltburn-by-the-Sea in Cleveland. The poster shows a view of the beach, cliffs and the entrance to the pier, where couples with parasols are seen strolling. The resort has the only pier in North East England and was famed for its white sands. Artwork by Henry George Gawthorn (1879-1941), who started out as an architect but later turned to pictorial art. He wrote several books on poster design and publicity and produced posters for LNER. He often inserted a self-portrait into many of his posters, complete with pince-nez and a panama hat.

SKU: (0001-3160)

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