by Anthony Huntimer
1951 Custom Ford Pickup Poster
Enlarge 1951 Custom Ford Pickup Posterby Anthony Huntimer SKU: (0000-8596)

1951 Custom Ford Pickup Poster

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Artist: Anthony Huntimer

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With Extra Grill teeth, slammed suspension and 'Wild Watson' styled flames, this 1951 Ford Pickup is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Hot Rodded Truck. Photographed at the Primer Nationals in Ventura California.Anthony Huntimer is a freelance photographer/writer with an extended interest in the automotive field, he is located within the heartbeat of the Hot Rod Culture, Southern California. An eye for the 'traditional Hot Rod' (He built and drives a black primered, flamed 1941 Ford truck powered with a 327 and four speed), Anthony has brought out a series of images taken from his extensive portfolio. Converting the images into an impressionist interpretation of color and design, Anthony removed the realism from his normal journalist style and transformed each image to show the true art of the designers and builders.

SKU: (0000-8596)

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