by Gerald Asher
The Right Wing Poster
The Right Wing Posterby Gerald Asher SKU: (0000-8561)

The Right Wing Poster

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Artist: Gerald Asher

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Gerald Asher is a third generation aviator; his father served as a corporate pilot for over thirty years, while his grandfather owned and operated a number of private aircraft in the 1930s and '40s. As a self taught artist, he began creating works as a siCaptain Wayne Holum, Thunderbird 3, concentrates his attention on maintaining position on the leader's aircraft as the team moves through a demanding aerobatic maneuver. Holum was the first pilot chosen to fly the Right Wing position when the team transitioned to the F-16 in 1982. Close examination of the image will reveal the reflections of the lead aircraft in Holum's visor and his aircraft's canopy. Following a series of key staff and command assignments, Holum retired in 1999 at the rank of Colonel. Today, he resides in Phoenix and flies for Southwest Airlines.

SKU: (0000-8561)

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