by Gerald Asher
Louden Clear Gets Tapped Poster
Enlarge Louden Clear Gets Tapped Posterby Gerald Asher SKU: (0000-8559)

Louden Clear Gets Tapped Poster

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Artist: Gerald Asher

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Gerald Asher is a third generation aviator; his father served as a corporate pilot for over thirty years, while his grandfather owned and operated a number of private aircraft in the 1930s and '40s. As a self taught artist, he began creating works as a siOn a low level photo reconnaissance mission over France on 9 May, 1944 First Lieutenant Clarence E. Louden's F-6C (a camera equipped version of the Mustang) was struck by German anti aircraft fire. Ignoring he hole in his left wing made by the 40mm cannon round (which had pierced his aircraft but failed to explode), LT. Louden continued hi run and repeated the process down the opposite bank of the Seine River at an altitude of fifty feet. With photo images which were critical to the upcoming allied invasion of Europe, Louden was subsequently the Siver Star for his actions.

SKU: (0000-8559)

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