by Paul Wollman
WWII Lockheed P38 Lightning
Enlarge WWII Lockheed P38 Lightningby Paul Wollman SKU: (0000-6512)

WWII Lockheed P38 Lightning

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Artist: Paul Wollman

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'Shipment Cancelled' Happy Jack's Go BuggyCaptain Jack Ilfrey is listed as one of the first 'Aces' of WWII. His Flight career is one of the most colorful of the war. He not only scored 8 victories, he's credited with destroying 2 railway locomotives!. First serving with the 12th Army Air Force in Africa, he later flew out of England with the 8th Army Air Force. In 1944 he rescued his wingman Lt. Duane Kelso who crash landed in Belgium. Ilfrey landed amidst a hail of German infantry gunfire, Lt. Duane Kelso scrambled into the plane, Ilfrey managed to squeeze kelso onto his lap, after a hairy take-off they made it back to their base without a scratch.

SKU: (0000-6512)

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