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Travel to Cuba Poster
Travel to Cuba PosterUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-6296)

Travel to Cuba Poster

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Cuba is an island country in the West Indies, about 90 miles south of Florida. It consists of one large island and about 1,600 smaller ones. Havana is the capital and largest city. Cuba has a long history of struggle for independence and social reform. The Spanish ruled here for hundreds of years, but since 1959, Fidel Castro has retained control under the Cuban Communist Party. The economy has developed slowly under Castro, but he has provided free medical care and education for the people. The United States maintains a naval base at Gantanamo Bay, but Cuban leaders resent the presence of the foreign naval base in their country. Towering mountains and rolling hills cover about 1/4 of the main island: the rest of the island has gently rolling hills and broad grasslands. The magnificent coastline has deep bays, sandy beaches, and coral reefs. About 3/4 of the people live in cities and towns, the rest live in rural areas. There is a severe housing shortage and many types of food are scarce, too. The government rations food in an attempt to ensure that all people have something to eat. Additional food may be purchased at much greater prices. Most people love to sing and dance, including the popular cha-cha-cha, the mambo, and the rumba. Cubans are also enthusiastic sports fans, loving baseball, basketball, swimming, and track and field.

SKU: (0000-6296)

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