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Folies Bergere Moonlit Night
Folies Bergere Moonlit NightUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-6118)

Folies Bergere Moonlit Night

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The Folies Bergere was named for the nearby Rue Bergere, a district in Paris, which in turn, is a corruption of `Bergier,' the name of a master dyer who once had his business there. The term `folies' for many years used to describe a piece of land where soft grass and lush thickets favored the clandestine meeting of romantic couples. The word later came to denote public places where Parisians of the 18th century could dance, drink and watch open-air entertainment. Dancing and drinking were only the beginning for patrons who frequented the Folies Theatre in Paris. The Folies became the center of world attention as an entertainment spot for fostering new, upcoming stars. Variety acts and talented young artisans from around the world, names like Maurice Chevalier, Will Rogers, Josephine Baker, the Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Colette, and Fernandel all made their claim to fame under the glittering marquee of the Folies.

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