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Marlene Dietrich Blue Angel Movie Poster
Marlene Dietrich Blue Angel Movie PosterUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-5871)

Marlene Dietrich Blue Angel Movie Poster

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Artist: Unknown

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Professor Immanuel Rath discovers some of his students passing round seductive photographs of a sexy cabaret singer. His best pupil confesses that Lola Lola sings and dances at the 'Blue Angel' a variety club near the docks. Rath visits the club that night to put a stop to all this indecency, but is entranced by his first glimpse of Dietrich straddling a chair crooning 'Falling in Love' in top hat, stockings, and bare thighs. Rath's self-righteousness cannot survive the seductive, throaty voice of the siren. Three of Rath's pupils are watching from the dark. Rath decides to corner Lola for 'misleading' his pupils. One of the boys smuggles Lola's panties into the teacher's coat pocket. Rath uses the 'garment' as a pretext to see her again. They spend the night together,the next day he arrives late for school the to find his class in an uproar. When the principal shows up to investigate the goings-on, Rath leaves his job and marries Lola. The mismatched couple enjoy themselves until they have spent every cent of Rath's money. Consumed by desire and tormented by his rigid propriety, Rath's morality degenerates. Lola finally forces him to return to his home town and appear as a clown there. The performance ends scandalously. Lola leaves him for another man. A broken old man unable to bear the humiliation any longer, Rath returns to his old classroom and falls dead on the floor.

SKU: (0000-5871)

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