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by Otto Baumberger
Swiss St. Gotthard Cafe Poster
Swiss St. Gotthard Cafe Posterby Otto Baumberger SKU: (0000-5556)

Swiss St. Gotthard Cafe Poster

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Artist: Otto Baumberger

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Looking somewhat like a close-up of a cameo on an ornate ring, this still life was a part of a set of posters that Baumeber created for an establishment near Zurich's main railroad station (the other image glorifies the more culinary aspects of the resaurant). Here, we're treated to the more casual trip to the St. Gotthard: cards and coffee, breadsticks and beer. Though obviously laid back, Baumberger sets the scene with such eloquence that the viewer can't help but be swayed by its rich artistry. native of Zurich, Baumberger regarded himself primarily as a painter, creating posters merely to generate some income. Nonetheless, he produced a magnificent body of more than 200 posters, distinguished not by a style, but by stylistic diversity-each perfectly suited to the clients' needs.

SKU: (0000-5556)

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