by Alexander Rodchenko
Russia Scoialist Propoganda Film Poster
Russia Scoialist Propoganda Film Posterby Alexander Rodchenko SKU: (0000-4262)

Russia Scoialist Propoganda Film Poster

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Artist: Alexander Rodchenko

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Exotic Animistic documentary as tribute to the Soviet people and its resourcesAddressing ""One Sixth of the World"" In the Dictionary of Films, George Sadoul explains that ""This lyrical film poem was commissioned by the Soviet governments trade agency... It is an exotically beautiful , animistic, documentary that brings together in a ""Universal Song"" the various European and Asiatic regions of Soviet Union. It had considerable influence on the development of the documentary in many countries. ""Made as a tribute to Soviet resources and its people, the film contains footage shot by director Dziga Vertov's cameraman from the Arctic Circle to the Chinese border, from the Black Sea to the Sea of Okhotsk. Rodchenko's minimalist design, published by Sovkino, Moscow, consists of a black curtain being paged back to reveal that one sixth of the world is Red, with the face of the Soviet populace represented by a photomontage woman down right who supplies a sublime mixture of anxiety and hope. ""By 1921, the New Economic Policy was in place and the Soviet Union was on the path to economic normalcy and political stability, or so everyone hoped. About this time, Rodchenko... abandoned painting and sculpture for domestic design. What they call Productivism was their attempt to manufacture materials for everyday use... in a direct and efficient manner""

SKU: (0000-4262)

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