by Adolph Treidler
Furness Cruise Ships
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Furness Cruise Ships

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Artist: Adolph Treidler

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Adolph Treidler was the ""in-house"" graphic artist for the Furness Lines, creating a number of stylish posters for Furness ocean travel to Bermuda, as well as depicting other Caribbean spots and even one for the stateside destination of California in 1917. The Furness Bermuda lines were eloquently decorated and had a reputation as ""The Millionaire's Ships"". Whether intentionally or not, Treidler's vivid silk-screen colors depict both the Queen of Bermuda and the Ocean Monarch in a striking cloud swept sky, backed by the improbably high St. Georges mountain, in a view very reminiscent of the Bay of Naples with Mount Vesuvius. Because of their Saturday afternoon sailings, these two vessels were especially popular with the ""Just Married"" set. In fact, they were known as the ""Honeymoon Ships"". Despite their popularity, by the mid-1960s, a new generation of ocean liners and stricter safety regulations by the US Coast Guard meant that both these ships would need very expensive refits to pass inspection. Abruptly in August, 1966, the Furness Line terminated Bermuda cruising completely and sold off both of these ships to foreign interests.

SKU: (0000-4246)

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