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WWII US Army Air Corps 'Let's Go'
WWII US Army Air Corps 'Let's Go'Unknown ArtistSKU: (0000-4107)

WWII US Army Air Corps 'Let's Go'

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Artist: Unknown

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Designed to instill patriotism, confidence, and a positive outlook, War Posters were used extensively during WWI and WWII to assist the military and persuade all Americans to help with the war effort. Using stark imagery to elicit powerful emotions, the posters appealed to people's conscience, fears and ideals of freedom and democracy. The posters called upon every man, woman, and child to make personal sacrifices or adjustments to further the greater national cause. Used for the purposes of recruitment, boosting production, motivation, rationing, conservation, security and financing the War, the posters linked the home front with the military front. An integral part of wartime communications, the coordination and production of War Posters required considerable resources. To assist, the government enlisted the help of the nation's foremost artists, intellectuals and advertising specialists of the time. Containing uniquely creative and beautiful artwork, War Posters make a great display and are a wonderful reminder of our nation's history.

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