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Fly Air America Super G Constellation
Fly Air America Super G ConstellationUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-4057)

Fly Air America Super G Constellation

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Fly Air America in the new Super G Constellation for all your travel needs to South East Asia and beyond.The Civil Air Transport (CAT) was 'obtained' by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after the Korean War. Flying as Southern Air Transport, Civil Air Transport, Air America, and Air Asia Ltd., the 'airline' operated at the direction of the CIA in the western Pacific and in Asia throughout the 1950s. When the French were on the ropes in Indochina and the American military could not officially intervene, Air America took over. Its mercenaries repeatedly flew into the firestorm at Dien Bien Phu. Yet, for public consumption, the aircraft and mercenaries never even existed. When the war in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam heated up in the 1960s, the CIA consolidated its 'airlines' under the name of Air America. The CIA recruited some of its pilots and cargo-kickers from civilian sources. But, most of the CIA mercenary airmen came from the American military. Air America made it patently clear who they wanted: 'The most highly skilled, adventurous, and patriotic aviation personnel who could be found.'

SKU: (0000-4057)

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