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Frank Lloyd Wright
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Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright - Dutch exhibition, 1977An exhibition of the designs of ""America's most famous architect"" held in Rotterdam merits a photomontage treatment, combining an uncharacteristically sleek Wright tower with an exterior architectural layout plan. Along with Otto Treumann and Wim Crouwel, Rotterdam-based Benno Wissing and Jan Begeer belong to the important group of post-World War II Dutch graphic designers whose work shows the influence of modernists Paul Schuitema and Piet Zwart. For the uninitiated, Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most famous and globally-recognized architects ever. His works include the Guggenheim Museum and the Marin County Civic Center. He also designed 1141 homes and buildings, of those 532 were completed by his death. Frank Lloyd Wright had a global impact on modern architecture, influencing design styles not only in America, but all over the world.

SKU: (0000-3665)

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