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Grand Hotel & Belvedere/Lanzo d'Intelvi
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Grand Hotel & Belvedere/Lanzo d'Intelvi

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Wonderful view of water and hills. (Date of poster is an estimate.)Most of Lake Lugano lies in Swiss territory, set among the steep, beautiful slopes of the Alps. This promotion for the grand hotel and terrace in Lanzo d'Intelvi, however, is only intended to attract the Swiss tourist to the Italian resort nestled in the heart of a pine and larch forest, where the lake, incidentally, is known by the name Ceresio. This breathtaking vista, panoramically laying the region also known as the ""balcony of Italy"" at our feet, allows us to wallow in the extensive view of Lugano and the Alps, as far as Monte Rosa and, on this crystalline clear day, Mont Blanc.

SKU: (0000-3375)

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