Snow Skiing

by Paul Lecomte
Murrenby Paul Lecomte SKU: (0000-3300)


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Artist: Paul Lecomte

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Downhill skier into the turn.Lecomte delivers a somewhat eerie vision in which the speed of the descent almost appears to be setting the snow on fire as it sprays from the edges of the slaloming racer's skis as he cuts back in mid-air through the approaching gate. Perched on a shelf of Alpine pasture forming a balcony over the steep cleft of the Lauterbrunnen Valley and completely cut off from motorized civilization. Murren features slopes that bristle with every conceivable obstacle. It is at Murren that the Kandahar Ski Club was formed in 1924, leading to the famous Arlberf-Kandahar competition, which is now regarded as the unofficial world championship of the Alpine countries.

SKU: (0000-3300)

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