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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Bucking Bronco
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Bucking BroncoUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-3038)

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Bucking Bronco

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Artist: Unknown

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In his book, '100 Posters of Buffalo Bill's Wild West'by Jack Rennert, Mr. Rennert describes this spectacular image thusly: 'This is one of the most beautiful posters created by Calhoun and certainly must rank very high in terms of the quality of its art in this or any other collection. It has all the elements to which a fine poster can aspire. It conveys its message in a stark, bold direct and compelling manner. . . . The sense of tension and action comes from the slight but just right turn of a few of its components, such as the hat in the air, the kick of the horses hind legs and the fixed stare of the rider. Best of all is the overall design for there is a rhythm here which makes the rider and horse one. It's altogether remarkable. . . . Rumor had it that the wild horses of the Wild West were not quite so wild and had, in fact, been trained to buck on command. Buffalo Bill tried hard to counter this and in his programs he is at pains to explain that this is not so and cannot be so: `He (the horse) can no more be taught to `buck' than can a kangaroo to play on a key bugle. . . Like every other unique frontier, national and international feature with Buffalo Bill's Wild west, the bucking broncos are genuine, from start to finish. They are natural, irreclaimable fighters, and their savage and reckless efforts to throw their riders cannot be corrected'

SKU: (0000-3038)

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