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by Luigi Martinati
Lotteria di Tripoli
Lotteria di Tripoliby Luigi Martinati SKU: (0000-2750)

Lotteria di Tripoli

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Artist: Luigi Martinati

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Red car races down slope of the words of the race.Today, Tripoli is a town in Libya, but in 1936 it was a name for a whole region which was then one of several Italian colonies in northern Africa. Mussolini's Fascist regime, which annexed some of these more or less artificially created ""countries"" for strategic reasons and for prestige, found itself with impoverished parched areas that were a drain on Italian economy; hence it encouraged citizens to travel or settle there, and launched various programs to generate some income. Among these was the running of auto races in exotic locations, in which people who couldn't afford to go there could participate by buying a lottery ticket. In this particular race, German cars, as was their wont in the late 30s, once again swept the field.

SKU: (0000-2750)

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