by Albert Dubout
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Artist: Albert Dubout

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Crowded boat ride.Dubout's cartoons in humor magazines always featured teeming humanity in situations like picnics, crowded train rides of beach scenes; he was therefore an ideal interpreter of the robust populist humor in the films of Marcel Pagnon, particularly his justly celebrated trilogy of ""Marius,"" ""Fanny"" and ""Cesar"" - a gently satirical saga of life on the Marseille waterfront filled with shrewd observations and understanding of the common people. This is the first of the films, featuring the incomparable Raimu (he's the one in the small boat at left). Dubout did create a poster for the original 1931 release, featuring an outdoor card game, but this is another design, for the 1950 re-issue of the enormously popular series.

SKU: (0000-2655)

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