by Francesc D'A. Gali
Exposicion Internacional/Barcelona 1929
Exposicion Internacional/Barcelona 1929by Francesc D'A. Gali SKU: (0000-2650)

Exposicion Internacional/Barcelona 1929

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Artist: Francesc D'A. Gali

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Promotional poster for an expo in Barcelona.Catalan artist Gali painted in oils, did sketches, excelled in murals, and still found time for graphic work; one source also claimed that he was ""above all, an excellent pedagog."" For the Barcelona Expo of 1929, he supplied three designs, two of a general nature and one for a particular project, ""El Arte en Espana,"" launched in conjunction with it. This poster is one of the general ones, depicting in art deco style the railroad as one of the ways to get to the fair; the other one, almost a matched twin, used the same way to symbolize ship travel. It seems an impossible task to harmonize railroad signals, flags, the peace dove and the ocean blue in a design, and yet how smoothly Gali did it!

SKU: (0000-2650)

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