by Sentrein
England uber Ostende-Dover
England uber Ostende-Doverby Sentrein SKU: (0000-2623)

England uber Ostende-Dover

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Artist: Sentrein

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Family watching steam ship cruise by.This spiffy family, decked-out in their sea-going finery, the tot of the trio enthusiastically waving a white handkerchief to the passengers of a passing vessel, is utilized by the Belgian channel ferry service in an attempt to attract a German-speaking clientele. Despite the fact the ferry line - under the auspices of the Belgian State Railroad and Mail Boat Service - offered two daily crossings in a leisurely three hours, and that the design is masterfully executed by the enigmatic Sentrein, we have to wonder just how successful the campaign was: The German word for ""daily"" is misspelled in the text and no one appreciates carelessness when it comes to being romanced into spending their hard-earned money.

SKU: (0000-2623)

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