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Anna Christie
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Anna Christie

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Faces of a man smoking a pipe and a woman set in front of a waterfront scene.This poster is for the Soviet release of the 1923 screen version of Eugene O'Neill's 1922 Broadway drama, one of the first stage plays to make the protagonist a modern-day, hard-boiled woman. Anna is the daughter of a sea captain, brought up so harshly that, in her teens, she runs away and becomes a prostitute. The plot revolves around the conflicts she has once she quits her life on the street and reveals her past to her father and a good sailor whom she loves. The Stenbergs put the type in Constructivist blocks as they often did, but the rest of the design is unusually lyrical for them. The portraits of the two leads float above a poetically rendered waterfront, and they are separated by the misty pier, scene of the pick-ups that are at the source of Anna's regrets.

SKU: (0000-2541)

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