Amazing Women

by Michel Gyarmaty
Josephine Baker Folies Bergere
Josephine Baker Folies Bergereby Michel Gyarmaty SKU: (0000-2514)

Josephine Baker Folies Bergere

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Artist: Michel Gyarmaty

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Josephine Baker dancing and smiling.Michel Gyarmaty, who arrived in Paris in 1933, was since 1935 a regular collaborator of the Folies. This, in fact, was for him also a reunion with Josephine, for as a youngster in Budapest in 1927, he had already created a poster for her. This beautiful poster, blazing with spunk, freshness and movement, depicts the smiling star (high-stepping on the Folies stage.) Bedecked like an African dancer, she wears bright red feathers around her ankles, her waist and on her breasts which by dint of Gyarmaty's and the music hall's magic seem to be palm trees which extend into Josephine's hairdo.

SKU: (0000-2514)

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