by Gasper Camps
Three Champenois Decorative Panels
Enlarge Three Champenois Decorative Panelsby Gasper Camps SKU: (0000-2505)

Three Champenois Decorative Panels

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Artist: Gasper Camps

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Three Art Nouveau women stand in their own panels against natural backgrounds.These three exquisite Art Nouveau celebrations of beauty - female and natural - are executed with meticulous workmanship. The statuesque auburn-haired woman standing lakeside clasps a garland of pink roses against her red gown painted with butterflies. The raven-tressed beauty in teal with a pheasant-motif shawl admires white hydrangeas on the shore of a mountain lake at sunset. The blonde sylph draped in lavender with colorful birds poses in front of a carved wall lush with lilacs. Each figure's flowers and creatures appear again in the border.

SKU: (0000-2505)

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