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George/Triumphant American Tour
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George/Triumphant American Tour

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Promotional poster for Grover George, the great magician.An Ohio native who began performing as a magician when he was only 10, Grover George (1887-1958) worked his way up to small theaters across the United States, then left with his small company of 18 for a five year tour of Central and South America. Returning to the United States in 1929 flushed with success, he expected to be able to storm the theaters of his own country. This 20-sheet spectacular was one of four of five billboards prepared for a ""triumphant American tour."" But that triumph was out of reach. George hadn't counted on the muscle of magician Howard Thurston, who brought suit against him whenever he attempted to book a venue of any distinction. Although these suits were, in fact, frivolous, George did not have the funds to finance litigation and so was relegated to playing second-rate stages. He took up performing in South America again, making occasional minor forays back to the U.S. and died in Sao Paolo, Brazil where he had settled in retirement. The outrageously colorful poster features a mummy and devil flanking a portrait of George along with atmospheric scenes of the Ginza and Pyramids. Sadly, it may have never been seen.

SKU: (0000-2493)

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