by Enrico Deseta
Una Notte a Casablanca
Una Notte a Casablancaby Enrico Deseta SKU: (0000-2285)

Una Notte a Casablanca

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Artist: Enrico Deseta

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Caricatures of the Marx Brothers popping out of a jack-in-the-box.Since by this time in 1950 the Marx Brothers had become universally associated with high jinks and zaniness, what better way could be found to promote the Italian release of their 1946 film ""A Night in Casablanca"" than with Chico, Groucho and Harpo bursting from a jack-in-the-box with a loony ""Pop Goes the Weasel."" That this cartoony caricature had absolutely nothing to do with the film's plot of the Brothers Marx routing Nazi refugees in a Northern African hotel doesn't matter one bit - it flawlessly captures the spirit of their antics to delirious perfection.

SKU: (0000-2285)

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