by Josef Fenneker
Die Tragodie/Eines Grossen/Marmorhaus
Enlarge Die Tragodie/Eines Grossen/Marmorhausby Josef Fenneker SKU: (0000-2000)

Die Tragodie/Eines Grossen/Marmorhaus

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Artist: Josef Fenneker

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Girl looking up at man adoringly against dark background.Storm clouds seem to gather about the great artist and his great love in this poster for ""The Tragedy of a Great Man,"" a film about the life of Rembrandt starring Carl de Vogt. Far better remembered than the actor or the film is Joseph Fenneker, an important German expressionist artist in 1920s Berlin, the eye of the cultural and political turbulence that was Weimar Germany. There is a forboding of gathering storms in almost all of his work. Fenneker designed numerous film posters, many between 1919 and 1924 for two major Berlin movie palaces, the Marmorhaus and the Mozartsalle. The art of the film poster arguably reached its zenith with this artist.

SKU: (0000-2000)

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