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Plaza de Toros Bullfighting Poste
Plaza de Toros Bullfighting PosteUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-1917)

Plaza de Toros Bullfighting Poste

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Artist: Unknown

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A triumphant Bullfighter struts in front of the jubilant Barcelona crowd holding his cap and capote proudly above his head. Three adoring senoritas adoringly watch the bullfighter's display. A bull lay covered in flowers above the sign advertising the main event. This beautiful piece, part of an exclusive line of incredibly high quality commemorative edition Giclee prints, is printed on a thick, 100% acid free, imported heavy archival stock. The finest museum standard archival water-based organic inks and paints are used to produce a stunningly brilliant piece with a rich, non-glare matte finish. It is a wonderful reproduction of a vintage advertising art poster featuring Spanish matador bullfighting sports tournaments in Spain's Plaza de Toros. See Plaza de Toros Collage enlarged or framed.

SKU: (0000-1917)

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