by Emil Cardinaux
Chevrolet Automobile Poster
Chevrolet Automobile Posterby Emil Cardinaux SKU: (0000-1903)

Chevrolet Automobile Poster

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Artist: Emil Cardinaux

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Vintage Chevrolet automobile with General Motors building in background.An impressive art deco design in deep pruple and sienna, against which the care apperar almost like a pale phantom gliding by. Although the poster is meant for the French distibutor for general Motors, it's the GM buildng in Detroit that is used by the artist. Alfred Cardinaux, nephew of the better known Emil, was Veratile Decorative artist who learned his craft with zurich printer Wolfensberger, then worked form 1929 to 1932 for Editins d'Art in Paris. He also spent 20 years in Italy growing wine grapes and olives; In 1988, he sudenly decided to move to the U.S. and settled in Charlottesville, Virginia

SKU: (0000-1903)

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