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Russian R.U.R Robot
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Russian R.U.R Robot

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Poster for a Soviet adaptation of a Czech film.This film was a Soviet adaptation of Czech author Karel Capek's visionary 1923 play R.U.R. in Soviet ideology, jazz was always equated with Western decadence; the sax player in the design represents a pleasure-mad generation that cares only for diversion and permits all the work to be done by robots, who eventually take over. (The initials R.U.R. stand for Rossum's Universal Robots, the factory where the mechanical creatures were made.) Directed by Alexander Andreievsky, the film starred Vladimir Gardin, a grand old man of Russian cinema who began his career in the days of the tsars. He started directing films in 1912, but after the 1917 revolution, he was criticized for not being sufficiently propagandistic and he returned to acting.

SKU: (0000-1676)

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