by P. Bonnet
Visitez Rouen
Visitez Rouenby P. Bonnet SKU: (0000-1669)

Visitez Rouen

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Artist: P. Bonnet

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This poster shows the attractiveness of Rouen in an attempt to lure people to visit this city full of beautiful people and beautiful architecture.If Monet could spend four years painting views of the Cathedral at Rouen, then this town in the Normandy valley of the Seine is certainly worth visiting for a day or two. You can tell by the chic cut of their clothes that these two women-the one standing up so stunning in green, her demure friend equally modish in pink-have been snatched away from the urban pleasures of Paris. Their sporty friend is determined that they should be fascinated by the distinguished spot-and, therefore, by him. And why not? Those rooflines are imposing. In shades of blue and yellow.

SKU: (0000-1669)

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