by Louis Galice
Cirque Pinder/The Pinder Bros.
Cirque Pinder/The Pinder Louis Galice SKU: (0000-1659)

Cirque Pinder/The Pinder Bros.

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Artist: Louis Galice

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This poster was for the Pinder Circus, one of the most prosperous circuses of France.George and William Pinder arrived from England and set up their Grand Cirque Britannic in France about 1854. The name soon changed to Cirque Pinder, and it prospered for many years. Grandsons George and Herbert, shown in this delightful poster, were horseback jugglers and musical clowns, and they eventually took over the circus. There is a long tradition of musical clowns in the circus, with Grock possibly the most famous. The brothers are shown here playing not only guitar and mandolin, but bells, accordions and reed instruments.

SKU: (0000-1659)

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