by Jacqueline Marval
Salon d'Automne
Salon d'Automneby Jacqueline Marval SKU: (0000-1635)

Salon d'Automne

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Artist: Jacqueline Marval

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This French poster by Marval uses Fauve colors and an image of a grape harvest to announce a Fall show of paintings in Paris.Marval, a painter who lived in Grenoble, had a poetic style with a childlike quality that won her prize after prize for her handling of flowers, nudes and fairy tales. Here, in one of her rare posters, she uses Fauve colors and the symbolic image of the grape harvest to announce the Fall show of paintings at the Grand Palais in Paris (not only was she the poster-maker, she was a member of the salon's jury committee). The text assures us that the exhibition hall is heated and well-lit-perfect for appreciating the pick of the season.

SKU: (0000-1635)

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