by Jacques Nathan-Garamond
French Cinzano Aperitif Poster
Enlarge French Cinzano Aperitif Posterby Jacques Nathan-Garamond SKU: (0000-1633)

French Cinzano Aperitif Poster

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Artist: Jacques Nathan-Garamond

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A gridlike Cinzano advertisement once made as posters and billboards.The Cinzano family, which received its license to distill in 1757, has a history of commissioning fine poster artists such as Cappiello to create the advertising for its aperitifs. This design-gridlike, yet as sumptuous as an Italian silk scarf-is the work of Jacques Nathan-Garamon (usually referred to as Nathan). An interior designer and posterist of the constructivist school, he is well-known for several posters he created for home d,cor exhibitions at the Grand Palais in Paris during the 1930s. A printer's pencil notation below the image indicates that this design was to be printed in two formats: 120 X 160 cm and also as a 4-sheet billboard measuring 240 X 320 cm (that's more than 10 ft. wide!).

SKU: (0000-1633)

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