by Terrando
Transports par Avion
Transports par Avionby Terrando SKU: (0000-1621)

Transports par Avion

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Artist: Terrando

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Rare poster of French passenger airplane.1919 was a watershed year in the history of aviation: Germany, Britain and France were all vying to be the first to get a passenger airline operating in Europe. It is tricky to determine which country and company is entitled to the claim, but Compagnie des Messageries Aerienned (CMA) was assuredly one of the pioneers. It was formed on April 6, 1919 and started a daily passenger service between Paris and Lille on May 1 - after a German company and another French line were operating domestically; it was, however, the first of all the CMA had extended service to Brussels and soon after, to London. The board of directors consisted of the heads of France's largest manufacturers including H. Farman and Renault; the company ultimately merged with Air Union, one of the ancestors of Air France. The plane shown here may be a Breuget XIX Limousine (the model used on that initial May 1 flight) . Rare!

SKU: (0000-1621)

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