by Josef Fenneker
Grafin Mariza Movie Poster
Grafin Mariza Movie Posterby Josef Fenneker SKU: (0000-1578)

Grafin Mariza Movie Poster

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Artist: Josef Fenneker

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Beautiful woman in gold dancing with man to the sound of a violin.Fenneker was one of the best film poster designers in Germany-or anywhere, for that matter-and this is a good example of his skill. ""Countess Maritza"" was a light-hearted Viennese operetta by Emmerich Kalman with a negligible plot (a countess is afraid to love her caretaker thinking he's after her money, but of course he proves to be a nobleman in disguise), but it had lively tunes and skillful staging which made it an enormous success in Europe. It was filmed three times: this is the first, silent version (highly unsuitable for an operetta!) starring the German heartthrob of the day, Harry Liedtke; more sensible sound versions were made in 1932 and 1958. The most striking feature of the poster is the silver background.

SKU: (0000-1578)

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