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by Adolphe Crespin
Paul Hankar Architecte
Paul Hankar Architecteby Adolphe Crespin SKU: (0000-1572)

Paul Hankar Architecte

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Artist: Adolphe Crespin

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Architect, Paul Hankar, works intently at his drafting table.All the elements associated with draftsmanship (plumb line, triangular rulers, etc) are incorporated into a most effective design for Crespin's colleague, the architect Paul Hankar. ""The poster 'Hankar' is in every way perfect. The principal subject, positioned just right, is interpreted in a very modern style. There are many details, but they are chosen with such pleasure and arranged with such taste, such discretion-in a single word, such tact-that far from remocing importance from the principle subject he lends it more value, creating a particular atmosphere, technical if I may say so. The warm and vivid coloring further adds, if that's possible, to the merit of this print which remains one of the best-if not the very best-of Crespin"" (Beaumont, p.48).

SKU: (0000-1572)

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