by Aleardo Villa
Latte Maternizzato Backhaus
Latte Maternizzato Backhausby Aleardo Villa SKU: (0000-1425)

Latte Maternizzato Backhaus

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Artist: Aleardo Villa

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Woman clad in a black dress holding a bouquet and a bottle of Backhaus Mother's Milk.As this fashionably black-clad woman hardly appears to be pregnant or fresh from childbirth, we have to assume that Backhaus Mother's milk is such a healthy, delicious bottled brand that one sip will make you swear that you're a newborn once more. And for good measure, Villa throws a bouqquet of hothouse flowers into the sweet design to reinforce the product's freshness. Villa joined Ricordi in 1895 and contributed a number of designs for the Mele department store, automobiles, liquor and other products. They are fine examples of Art Noveau, and he ranks among the best commercial artists of the female figure. His promising career was cut short by his suicide in 1906.

SKU: (0000-1425)

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