by Vladmir & Georgi Stenberg
Russian Battleship Potemkin Movie Poster
Russian Battleship Potemkin Movie Posterby Vladmir & Georgi Stenberg SKU: (0000-1422)

Russian Battleship Potemkin Movie Poster

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Artist: Vladmir & Georgi Stenberg

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The multinous casting overboard of officers and clergy in an ad for the movie &'Battleship Potemkin''Battleship Potemkin' was a Sovkino project to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1905 uprising; this 2-sheet Stenberg design--featuring the mutinous casting overboard of officers and clergy--was created for a 1935 re-release celebating the film's ten-year anniversary. The original idea had been to make an epic covering the entire story of the abortive revolution, but 27-year-old Sergei Eisenstein, one of the eight filmmakers assigned to the project, conceived the idea of reducting the entire thing to the single episode of the revolt on the 'Potemkin' in Odessa harbor. it became one of the most acclaimed soviet films of all time, and it made Eisenstein an international cult figure. The Stengerg Brothers--Georgi died in 1933--were Russian designers and poster artists who embraced Constructivism and became major figures in the avant-garde of Soviet art during the turbulent revolutionary era after 1917. ""Under Soviet auspices the film industry was encouraged as a leading communications medium...The head of poster production, an artist named Yakov Ruklevsky, recrujited a brilliant group of avant-garde constructivist designers. Of these, the most prolific and talented were the brothers, Vladimir and Georgi Stenberg....Shile techniques of film and photomontage were the point of departure for their posters, the...brothers, masters of color and lithographic process, preferred to draw their images. The...photographic quality of their renderings was achieved with a primitive method of projecting film and photographic images to the desired size and then drawing over them Rare!

SKU: (0000-1422)

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