by Willem Klijn
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Artist: Willem Klijn

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Featureless couples in gray, red, and black advertise a dance contest.This annual dance contest, presented here with tonier-than-thou flair by Klinger, was a social highlight of the Berlin season. WIth a touch of decadent detachment and haughty humor, these featureless couples admirably serve as sophisticated glyphs for footwork wupresmacy. Klinger was one of Berlin's best known posterists of the period 1900-1914. He contributed hundreds of illustrations to humor magazinesas well and brought his sense of humor abundatnly to his poster work. It's possibly because his graphic language is so clear and appealing, needing no erudite academic explanations to come between artist and viewer, that so-called ""important"" poster exhibitions, such as ""The 20th Century Poster"" (Walker Center, 1984) and ""The Modern Poster"" (Museum of Modern Art, 1988), have entirely ignored him in an altogether snobbish manner.

SKU: (0000-1403)

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