by Plinio Codognato
Fiat 520 Automobile Poster
Fiat 520 Automobile Posterby Plinio Codognato SKU: (0000-1390)

Fiat 520 Automobile Poster

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Artist: Plinio Codognato

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Front end of a Fiat 520 racing toward the viewer.Because of Codognato's talent and eclecticism he was to become, as early as 1932, the only recognized poster artist of Fiat. And with designs such as this for the Fiat-520, it's easy to understand the manufacturer's taste in graphic artists--iconoclastic, properly intimidating and, above all, powerfully majestic, rendering a supreme creation more so than an automative product. In two words, as the poster states in one,The Best! It was on the chassis of the 520 and 521 models that some of the best bodywork of the young Italian coachbuilding industry, still not yet heavily marked in those years by transatlantic influences, was to be built. The engines of these vehicles, though, do reflect contemporary American developments quite strongly.

SKU: (0000-1390)

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