by Paul Berthon
Dunkerque-Folkestone-Londresby Paul Berthon SKU: (0000-1386)


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Artist: Paul Berthon

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A lighthouse and ferry at night on the English channel.A startling night profile of a lighthouse advertises the Folkestone-Dunkirk train ferry across the English Channel. It's signed as coming from the atelier of Cassandre and the master's hand is clearly on this impressive design. Austin Coooper, who was an artist who was especially good at analyzing posters and their problem-solving aspects, gives a wonderful appraisal of this image: ""Problem--New cross-channel service by night. We are told at once what it is all about--from Victoria via Dunkerque at night. We are also told, forcefully and dramatically, that we shall be guided on our way, our path illuminated by friendly beams of light. First-rate propaganda and beautiful design; although so little of the lighthouse is clearly defined we get the whole idea at a glance. A simple scheme of modulated blues, black, a vivid note of red for the message, and a single isolated suggestion of golden yellow to give life and interest to the lantern. Built up on horizontals and perpendiculars, the composition might easily have been too static: a trenchant diagonal--like a clear note of music--constitutes life and movement. note the transition from warm to cool in the beam of light and the effect of gradation upon silhouette of lighthouse....Again it is the case of 'lose and find' [Cooper's term for clearly defined shapes which at some point become indefinite] in the insistence upon the interesting detail of railings around lanter"" (Cooper, p. 70).

SKU: (0000-1386)

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