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Summer in Harbin Manchoukuo
Summer in Harbin ManchoukuoUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-1381)

Summer in Harbin Manchoukuo

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Tourists enjoying the sun, sand and water in Harbin--a town in Japanese-occupied Manchuria.Though the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor was just around the chronometrical corner, the Japan Tourist Bureau was not above promoting summer fun in occupied Manchuria with a fine impressionist rendering. It's interesting to note that the influence of Far Eastern art can be seen throughout the European community in the late-19th/early-20th centuries, it's not that frequent to happen upon a design that flipflops the trend such as here, a desplay of orientalisme in reverse. But as the poster essentially extols Japanese colonialism in action, the sentiment is absolutely on-target. Harbin, the once small and quiet fishing village on the Sonhua turns Harbin into a sunny destination alive with swimming, boating, fishing, sand-volleyball, ice cream stands and photo booths. It's not clear, but this may be the work of J. Burkhalter, who created several travel posters in the late 1930's; however, such specific identification could not be made.

SKU: (0000-1381)

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