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Girl of the Golden West
Girl of the Golden WestUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-1375)

Girl of the Golden West

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The Golden Girl of the West with business man on one side, and cowboy on the otherDavid Belasco (1859-1931), the American playwright and producer, often referred to as the ""Bishop of Broadway"" for his many contributions to theater, and known for his minutely detailed and spactacular scenic devices, first brought ""Girl of the Golden West"" to the Broadway stage in 1905. Running for 224 thrilling performances and most-especially remembered for its crowd-pleasing bizarre scene, the oft-adapted Western melodrama--Cecil B. Demille fimed it in 1914 and it's perhaps best remembered for the saccharine 1938 musical adaptation starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddie--is expanded to its proper largesse in the 4-sheet design for a 1909 revival of the show, complete with the three vital icons of all modern morality plays.

SKU: (0000-1375)

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