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Fly Tox Insectiside Poster
Fly Tox Insectiside PosterUnknown ArtistSKU: (0000-1368)

Fly Tox Insectiside Poster

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Artist: Unknown

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Though the brand name of this insecticide pretty much says it all to an English speaking public, Mauzan produced this work while in Buenos Aires, making it necessary to clearly illustrate the key properties of the Anglo bug spray, and as weve come to expect from the artist, he admirably rises to the occasion. A fly cocky enough to stay perched on anyones nose probably thinks hes sitting pretty. Only this time he chosen the wrong bulbous outcropping. Our bugged terminator steadies the spray canister of Fly-Tox on his fleshy chin, misting the hapless pest with a blast of a toxin powerful enough to exterminate flies and other insects, yet still imbued with a pleasing aroma that makes it the perfect insect assassin in such a sensitive area. An advertisement that's right on the nose, it also comes equipped with a pronunciation guide to ensure proper product identification.

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