by A. Wamaw
Russian Etoiles du Ballet Russe
Russian Etoiles du Ballet Russeby A. Wamaw SKU: (0000-1344)

Russian Etoiles du Ballet Russe

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Artist: A. Wamaw

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A murderous moment of balletic mayhem from Foutain of Bakhchiserai is used to snag the eye of the passerby with a distinctly 1950s, nearly-noir illustrative style for the French release of Maestra Ruskova Baleta, a dance trilogy consisting of the above-mentioned Fountain, a Swan Lake redux and a performance by the Kirov Ballet. Its star, Galina Oulanova (1910-1998), appeared in the first two pieces, dancing Odetta in Swan Lake and the soon-to-be-skewered Polish princess of the poster. Though not a household name in the United States, Oulanova was considered to be one of modern ballets superlative prime ballerinas. Perhaps most lauded for her film work as Juliet in 1954s Romeo and Juliet, she appeared in several other movies, including Ballerina, Concert of Stars and The Bolshoi Ballet. She was considered to be a Soviet national treasure and at the time of her death, Boris Yeltsin declared her to be a symbol of the conscience, honor and dignity of a true artiste.

SKU: (0000-1344)

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